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Some times your lawyer needs to be creative

SOMETIMES YOUR LAWYER NEEDS TO BE CREATIVE AND fight battles in one of the few untested areas of the law. Sometimes, it takes creativity to make a good faith argument to expand existing law to protect your rights and to better society. In the course of several "creative" law suits, Rob Croskery has received national attention, been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, referred to in the Washington Post, and given interviews for the nationally syndicated News magazine, "EXTRA".

Rob Croskery's lawsuit against "Val Valentino" as the masked magician was vindicated when Valentino admitted (through not answering requests for admissions) that he was the "Masked Magician" exposing the secrets of brethren and ruining the illusions that had formerly been used by hundreds of magicians to entertain hundreds of thousands of people—illusions that Valentino had not created, but chose to destroy. Valentino has not done any new specials as the "Masked Magician" since his unmasking in a Cincinnati courtroom, and his public "unmasking" the following week on a FOX special.

Rob Croskery has also co-counseled Christina Jeffrey for her wrongful discharge as the House Historian for the House of Representatives. As Christina's Cincinnati lawyer (she was counseled in Washington by Bruce Fein, Esq.) Rob participated in the writing of briefs under the grounds of "promissory estoppel" that successfully avoided the attempted federal dismissal of a lawsuit against the Speaker of the House defended by the Tort Branch of the United States Attorney General's office.

Rob Croskery and Melinda Knisley have been involved in significant products liability cases, and Rob has appeared on such national television programs as Court TV's "Pros & Cons" and the news program "EXTRA".

In conjunction with creative suits (including the famous "Miami Redhawks/Redskins" controversy) Rob has been interviewed over forty times by various radio shows in most of the major markets across America, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The creativity started in law school, where Rob became the first law student at the University of Cincinnati in decades to be selected to both Law Review and Moot Court. His law review articles were on DNA testing and Civil Forfeiture; his Moot Court experiences led him to the final (public) round in every tournament in which he participated, Best Brief Awards in every tournament, and a victory at the Chase National Environmental Law Competition.

Subsequently, he was elected to the Order of the Coif and the Order of Barristers. Creative law is, in Rob's words, one of the most "rewarding areas of the practice".

Melinda Knisley was highly successful in law school, graduating at the top of her class from the University of Cincinnati. As a student, she participated in representing local icon Buddy LaRosa in his lawsuit against boxer Aaron Pryor.

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