Melinda E. Knisley has been representing victims of sexual harassment for many years. Melinda has handled a category of cases that include women who have been pressured by a superior into having a sexual relationship with their boss.

Perhaps the relationship was truly consensual when it started out. It is often hard to say, because there is always inherent pressure for a subordinate employee to go along with her boss’ sexual advances in order to remain employed. In addition to that, the subordinate employee may experience tremendous employment benefits for submitting to her boss’ advances.

The problem that Melinda has seen first hand in her clients is the relationship that started out pressured and awkward for the subordinate employee, but was arguably consensual. The subordinate employee experiences employment security and often raises and promotions and special benefits not experienced by other employees, making her feel all the more trapped in the relationship. These relationships can begin to feel like a prison sentence when the subordinate employee realizes that she is trapped and cannot say no without the risk of losing her job. Melinda knows from representing women in this situation that they can get so desperate that sometimes they feel like committing suicide. Three of Melinda’s clients in this situation made a suicide attempt.

Many times these employees fee l like they have no options since they arguably entered into the relationship voluntarily and they blame themselves for doing so. If you are in this situation, please call Melinda Knisley at (513) 232-LAWS (5297) to confidentially discuss your rights, free of charge. Melinda does not charge an hourly rate or a retainer to handle these cases.

Melinda may very well be able to help you, and can certainly advise you what to do to get yourself out of it. For more information about our firm and the law, go to