Melinda E. Knisley is a lawyer who has been representing victims of discrimination in the workplace for many years. She also has represented many victims of non-workplace sexual assault, such as assault by a dentist, a doctor, an accountant or by a customer in bar, etc. Melinda is often sought out by clients who are very embarrassed to discuss the details of what happened to them. Many clients have a tendency to blame themselves for what happened, or for not handling it right. Women in particular seem to be much more comfortable discussing the sexual nature of their case with a female attorney. However, sometimes even men who are sexually harassed feel more comfortable discussing what happened to them with a female attorney.

Man and women often have a very different way of viewing sexual harassment. Men report that they would be flattered by sexual harassment and would expect that they would enjoy it, while most women report that they would be highly offended by being sexually harassed. It is sometimes hard for a man to understand the emotional distress that sexual harassment can cause, at least until it happens to their wife or daughter, then they “get it.”

Many people do not feel comfortable discussing such a private and humiliating matter with a male attorney who may not understand the situation. Often gay men who have experienced harassment also feel that it is easier to discuss the situation with a woman.

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