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Workplace Drama and the Law, Comments by Melinda E. Knisley

Gays and Lesbians have rights in the Workplace, Too

Melinda E. Knisley and Croskery Law Offices have been representing victims of discrimination and wrongdoing in the workplace for more than 10 years. In many jurisdictions, gays and lesbians have no special protections in the workplace and can be fired at will simply for their sexual orientation. However, in the City of Cincinnati, an ordinance was passed to make it unlawful for employers to discriminate against people based upon their sexual orientation. 

This is an evolving area of discrimination law. Gays and lesbians and even trans-gender people are slowly gaining more and more rights to work free from harassment and discrimination. Melinda E. Knisley has a heart for gay people and would be happy to give any victim of wrongdoing a FREE consultation regarding your situation. Because the law on this subject is in flux, Melinda might have to research the current status of the law in your area in order to give you good advice.

Melinda also has represented several male clients who are not gay but who are sexually harassed in the workplace by a supervisor or co-worker who is gay. Sometimes this causes more emotional distress for straight men than women who are sexually harassed by men.  Only certain people are protected, depending upon where you work and special contracts/circumstances.

If you feel that you have been wronged in your workplace, please feel free to call Melinda Knisley for a FREE consultation regarding your rights. You can reach Melinda at (513) 232-LAWS (5297). You will always be treated with respect by Melinda regardless of your sexual orientation!

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